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If you're yearning to relish some Arabic entertainment while dwelling in the middle of USA, DISH Network Arabic Packages will probably be your right option. DISH Network provides the finest choice of Arabic Television channels. You may enjoy probably the most comprehensive Arabic TV packages and channels that focus on your whole family from Middle East. You are able to relish your preferred small-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, talk shows, top soccer leagues, in addition to recently launched and classical movies. DISH Network Arabic Packages include Elite Super, Elite, Enhanced, Music, Noursat, Aghapy TV and Iqraa.

 Elite Super

 DISH TV Arabic Elite Super Pack at $39.99/month is definitely the very indepth Arabic-language programming in US with a number of incredible channels in a great value. With this particular package you can view small-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, recently launched, classical movies, top soccer leagues and talk shows. The channels incorporated within this package are ABU DHABI (768), AL ARABIYA (772), AL JAZEERA (761), AL JAZEERA SPORT (601), AL JAZEERA SPORT, AL ZIKR (780), ART AMERICA (758), ART MOVIES 759, ART MUSIC (781), BBC ARABIC (606) and plenty more. Al Jazeera Sports may be the must-watch funnel for sports enthusiasts which include comprehensive coverage of sporting occasions over the Arabic-speaking world. Al Jazeera Sport covers virtually all of the Leagues - Algerian League, Moroccan League, Syrian League, Jordanian League, Egyptian League, CAF Champions League, African Cup of Nations and AFC Champions League. Using the Arabic-language funnel BBC Arabic, in the Worldwide expert in quality broadcasting, you'll enjoy up-to-date news, business and financial coverage, talk shows in addition to niche programming 24 hrs each day, seven days a week.


 This DISH Network Arabic Elite Pack at $34.99/month presents a superb Arabic-language viewing knowledge about a number of superb channels in a great value. Elite programming includes small-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, recently launched, classical movies, Egyptian Soccer League and talk shows. The channels of the pack contain AL ARABIYA (772), AL JAZEERA (761), AL ZIKR (780), ART AMERICA (758), ART MOVIES (759), ART MUSIC (781), DUBAI SATELLITE Funnel (765), ESC-1 (762), FUTURE TV (764), MBC (766), MURR TV (760) and Earth DRAMA (763). Murr TV is really a 24-hour funnel centered on Lebanese and Arab audiences. It provides general entertainment programs including popular talk shows, social and entertainment programming, children's and musical shows. Murr TV provides top-ranked news bulletins during the day.


 This DISH TV satellite package incorporates a multitude of Arabic programming content that's 100% digital. The Arabic Programs of the pack includes small-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, cartoons, variety shows, family entertainment, movies and talk shows. This Arabic Enhanced Pack can be obtained at $29.99 monthly showing DISH Network channels like AL ARABIYA (772), AL JAZEERA (761), AL ZIKR (780), ART AMERICA (758), ART MOVIES (759), ART MUSIC (781), ESC-1 (762), MBC (766) and MURR TV (760).


 The Arabic Music Pack of DISH Network at $10/month offers a number of Arabic music channels in 100% digital quality. Additionally to videos, this DISH Network Arabic Pack programming includes talk shows, variety shows and coverage of major Arab-American occasions. This package incorporates DISH channels like ART TARAB (671), DANDANA TV (672) and M Existence (673). ART TARAB is really a funnel dedicated to classic music audience also it plays a significant part in protecting Arabic culture and heritage. Art Tarab presents a varied selection of fine classical and traditional Arab music while covering important occasions like the Tunis Festival, Beit El Din Festival and Qortaj Concerts, in addition to operas. M existence is really a 24/7 satellite music funnel, broadcasting an array of Arabic programming on live and exclusive concerts, fast beat videos, dance videos and fashion shows. By gathering its content throughout Arab world, M Existence provides a repertoire that attract the Arabic demographic in USA.


 DISH TV Noursat (771) at $5 monthly is the foremost and only Christian funnel from Lebanon and also the entire Middle East. It's supervised through the Set up of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops who're devoted to advertise concepts of Christianity. Noursat's programming includes talk-shows, documentaries, history, classical musical recitals and social and spiritual programs.

 Aghapy TV inconvenience

 DISH Network Aghapy TV (775) at $5/month is the initial Coptic Christian satellite funnel, aims for everyone Christian believers worldwide with the broadcast of spiritual, social and health-related programs.


 DISH TV Iqraa (773) @ $5/month presents 24-hrs-a-day program from Egypt. It's the first Arabic-language funnel that provides religious, media, social and economic programs customized towards the Muslims audience. Iqraa's programming includes documentaries, live talk-shows, dramas, cultural and academic programs.

 Subscribe for these Arabic packages of DISH Network and in abundance your Arabic entertainment horizons while remaining in US.
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